new playli$t


Sometimes I laugh with God about how you can’t stop me
I’m his darkest angel probably but he still got me
I’m gettin’ mine but still I better lives
And shit I set aside to make sure that my people getting by
Brunch with some Qatar royals and my cup is all oil
You know it’s real when your niggas will take the fall for you
All loyal so you keep eggin’ me on
And we gonna have to crack a shell just to prove to you, you ain’t hard boiled
Last night I tried some raw oysters
Man that boy growin’ up quick, that boy know he the shit
That boy singin’ on every song when he know he can spit
That boy manifested it, that boy knew it was written
That boy did it on purpose
That boy know that they shittin’ on you, and they can’t get past you
You should’ve followed all my moves, you won’t realize ‘til after
And if I left shit to chance I would’ve picked a name like Chance the Rapper
Yeah, no offense cause I don’t know that nigga
I’m focused on making records and gettin’ bigger
Just hits, no misses, that’s for the married folk
Tell ‘em fix my suite up cause I’m comin’ home
I heard they talking crazy, I was out of town
You know they love to pop all that shit when I’m not around
But when I’m here, not a sound, that’ll make me snap, jot it down
Go in the booth and lay a body down
Know some Somalis that say we got it Wallahi
Get us donuts and coffee, we’ll wait for him in the lobby
And I gotta tell him chill, Sprite got me on payroll
Let that man live, they say “Okay if you say so”
See whatever I say goes, I play like I’m on ‘roids, no Canseco
No Oakland A’s though, shout out the Bay though
I think I’m on my eighth flow, just watch me paint flow
We all do it for the art so I can never hate though
Signin’ off on more deals than a lawyer with a heavy case load
How the game turn into the Drake show?
Dog, what the fuck happen to so and so, where did they go?
They too worried ‘bout bitches and fashion, they go missin’ in action
And then you never notice they missin’
On some Hunger Games shit, I would die for my district
Jennifer Lawrence, you can really get it
I mean for real, girl you know I had to do it for ya
You know I had to do it for ya
You know I had to…oh wait sidebar, left some beat at the end
So that all of you fuck niggas could loop it and get your lies off

haven’t posted anything personal in a bit but it seems like tons of people on here are asking for others to fix their problems but don’t understand that they’re the only ones who can

holy shit lol stop being sad all the time. I see ppl everyday talking about how depressed/sad they are & posting all there first world problems(not enough friends/being made fun of or disliked/body imperfections/relationship issues) when there are ppl who are literally dying/starving/blind/deaf, all there family members have died, are in constant excruciating pain &/or literally couldn’t make anything of the future if they wanted to but can still be happy. how? because depression is an unreasonable and shitty way of looking at things that everyone has seen but most realized how pointless it is to sob over your life/problems when you could actually be making strides for improvement. how many ppl who are actually dying just sit around and complain/post all over the internet that they’re dying all the time? the fact alone that you have 5 senses is the most unbelievably fortunate thing that could have ever happened to you and less than 1% of the universe is able to experience life at an even remotely similar magnitude. that’s enough reason for me to never see it worth being sad about life. we are so extremely fortunate to be alive in this world that to even consider taking your own life(especially when you are fully capable of enjoying all life has to offer) would be the most unbelievably ignorant thing you could think. stop looking for reasons to be happy and start acting like you have every reason to be all the time because you do.